Our Vision

Why does this region of the Kingdom Network exist?

So that every church will say…

  • “We are MORE effective as a church because we are involved in this network.”
  • “We are MORE focused on multiplication because we are challenged by this network.”
  • “We are MORE spiritually empowered because we are prayed up by this network.”

A network so tight, it feels like being part of a multi-site.

The Kingdom Network

Our Commitments

The Kingdom Network is a new organization of churches committed to Making Disciples, Raising up Leaders, and Church Planting. Our network is a covenant community that shares Reformed Theology and a commitment to accountability.

Strategic Partnership

This strategic partnership helps us train and examine new pastors, ensure appropriate theological alignment, and provides a catalytic impact on our ministry.

A Bigger Picture

This Network is centered in South Chicago with a group of missional minded churches (Kingdom Network USA). 8 local churches in the Southwest Michigan Region have joined this national network to enhance our ministry vitality.